Why aren’t my designs showing up in the Teepublic marketplace?

by Michael Essek   ·   Updated: December 18, 2020

Teepublic seem to be curating their marketplace – which means that new designers may not see their designs appear in the marketplace (eg. when doing a search inside Teepublic).

I do not have any official info from Teepublic on this – but I have received a lot of messages about it – so I’ve done some investigating.

From my experience, it seems that even if your designs are not visible in the Teepublic search – they are still being indexed by Google – and so you are (in theory) able to tap into organic Google traffic and therefore make sales.

As for what you can do to increase your chances of being included in the marketplace, I have the following advice:

  • create great quality, original designs. Teepublic (like many POD sites) is no longer interested in receiving low quality, generic and ‘boilerplate’ type designs. If you aren’t doing something high quality, original and on-trend, it’s unlikely that Teepublic will opt to include and promote your work.
  • Take a look at current bestsellers, or the designs Teepublic features on it’s homepage. This is a big indication of the type and quality of designs that Teepublic is expecting.
  • from the horses mouth – a subscriber reports receiving the following info from Teepublic: “..make sure that you have added a profile image, banner, bio, social media links, and at least 10 designs in your storefront”.”

So to put it simply: Teepublic wants to promote the work of original, quality artists who are legit. Everyone else won’t be featured in the marketplace, but may be able to make sales via Google.

For more help on selling on Teepublic, checkout my full guide here: How To Sell On Teepublic (The Definitive Guide)


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