Dalle 3 Prompts

Dalle 3 Prompts: Getting Started with DALL-E-3 Prompts For Designers

by Michael Essek   ·   Updated: October 6, 2023

Dalle 3 (or, to give it’s proper title and branding: DALL-E-3) is an incredible tool for visual brainstorming and concept generation for designers.

Like all text-to-image AI tools – Dalle 3 requires the right type of prompt to return the best results – and Dalle 3 Prompts are no different.

In this article I’ll share some of the best DALL-E-3 Prompts I’ve found so far, so you can use and experiment with them to help you brainstorm new and original designs.

Note: I wouldn’t recommend you take outputs directly from DALL-E-3 (or any AI) and use it in a final design or product – but it is very handy for brainstorming layouts, colours, font choices, etc.

But fun as it is – as you’ll soon see – Dalle is no replacement for a flesh and blood artist, illustrator or designer.

1. Atari Video Game

Dalle 3 has an interesting relationship with brand names, trademark and celebrity names. However, this ‘Atari’ prompt didn’t seem to cause any issues.

Here’s the Dalle 3 prompt:

an Atari video game cover showing [a young lady using a private jet to get a coffee]. The title text reads [“SWIFT COFFEE PICK UP SIMULATOR”]

Dalle 3 Prompt: Atari Video Game

2. Vector Sports Team Logo

If you like your vectors ‘almost there’ – then this Dalle 3 Prompt is for you.

a sports team logo of a [reindeer] the text [“NORTH POLE REINDEERS”] is under the logo

Dalle 3 Prompt: Vector Sports Team Logo

3. Boy Scouts Badge Dalle 3 Prompt

a boy scouts badge of a [reindeer]. the text reads [“NORTH POLE REINDEERS”]

Dalle 3 Prompt: Boy Scouts Badge

4. Heavy Metal Logo Dalle 3 Prompt

a heavy metal band logo of a [reindeer] the text [“NORTH POLE REINDEERS”] is under the logo

Dalle 3 Prompt: Heavy Metal Logo

5. Ugly Christmas Sweater Dalle 3 Prompt

an ugly christmas sweater design with [computers] and the text [“ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS DALLE 3”]

Dalle 3 Prompt: Ugly Christmas Sweater

6. Vintage Travel Postcard Dalle 3 Prompt

vintage travel postcard from [the North Pole] with the text [“GREETINGS FROM THE NORTH POLE”]

Dalle 3 Prompt: Vintage Postcard

7. Children’s Alphabet Poster Dalle 3 Prompt

Children’s Alphabet poster with the text [“R is or RACOON”]

Dalle 3 Prompt: Children's Alphabet Poster

8. Breakfast Cereal Dalle 3 Prompt

Children’s breakfast cereal design: [“OOPS – ALL PTERODACTYLS”]

9. IKEA instructions Dalle 3 Prompt

Design of IKEA instructions for [building a terminator]

Dalle 3 Prompt: IKEA instructions

10. Typography Dalle 3 Prompt

design typography – text: [live, laugh, lasagne]

Dalle 3 Prompt: Typography

…as you can see, very little of what you’ll get from these prompts is 100% there.

Instead these are great ‘jumping off points’ for you (the designer) to modify, tweak and improve into a final product.

But for the best results – you need to have great, original ideas.

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